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Being the only person that knows Photoshop and Illustrator in your social circle, you are often asked to design logos and other material for friends and family. Over the years, I’ve had steady work as a freelance designer. Below are the more notable work I have created.

Jenirae Reynolds


My wife, Jenirae, was a supervising editor for Cosmic Pictures. She produced and edited the BYU TV series “Turning Point.” She was also an assistant editor on 3 feature films, most recently the Netflix Original “Deidra and Laney Rob A Train.”

When she went freelance, she asked me to design a logo for her. She had me go through multiple ideas (see to the right) before landing on the final version. She also ran a blog about our sleepy Cogri, Ike, which I too created a logo.

Jenirae is now a course production manager at Pluralsight.

Logo Ideas

Ike Sleeps.jpg


The Womansplaining Podcast


Jenirae also hosts a podcast with two of her friends. The Womansplaing Podcast answers questions sent by male listeners about a variety of women-related topics (that they may be too embarrassed to ask in person).

I designed their logo and provide any marketing materials they made need. The podcast continues today, give it a listen!

Lucia di lammermoor


As the Front of House Director of the Utah Symphony / Opera, my friend (and fellow And…Go! performer), Melissa Robison, referred me to the Production Coordinator of Utah Opera to help design promotional material for their upcoming performance of “Lucia di Lammermoor.”

After going through a handful of design ideas, we landed on the idea of a stylized pencil art style. I incorporated performance images into a blood moon, and came up with the font treatment. The artwork was used in advertisements in playbills and sold on t-shirts.

Final Logo

Medusa Camera Rig


While my wife worked for Cosmic Pictures, one of their producers asked me to design a logo for their 3D camera rig, named the Medusa.

Cosmic uses the camera to film environments in 360 degrees for a multitude of projects.

Finalized Ideas

The Reel Life Of Tim Nelson


In the spring semester of 2014, I wrote and directed a machinima animated short called "The Reel Life of Tim Nelson," which follows an unlucky fellow trapped in world full of movie cliches. With the help of my amazing classmates and enlisting my improv friends as the cast, it won both Judge and Audience Choice at that year's U of U Machinima Fest.

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