WTF Happened to this movie?

2018 - 2019

In September 2018, I started a ten-part video series on JoBlo Videos, that I research, write, narrate, and edit. WTF Happened To This Movie? is a docu-series about movies with historically troubled productions. From director firings (Justice League) to endless production delays (Deadpool), I attempt to give the most accurate account of the film’s journey to the big screen (sans opinion). As a huge movie buff, I am fascinated by how films get made and the politics of the film industry.

Each video takes me about a month to complete. A heavy portion of that is dedicated to the research and writing. I also designed the original logo (above).

My Contributions:

  • Researching

  • Writing

  • Narrating

  • Editing

  • Logo Design

NOTE: I do not create the preview/thumb nails for the YouTube videos.

SOUND ISSUES: Due to YouTube’s ever changing algorithms, several videos were flagged for copyright issues, and the sound quality was subsequently downgraded and end tracks were removed. Apologies, as these weren’t a problem upon initial upload.

Episode 1: Justice League - Script

Episode 2: Fantastic Four (2015) - Script


Episode 3: Deadpool - Script

Episode 4: Waterworld - Script


Episode 5: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Script

Episode 6: The Abyss - Script


Episode 7: Wonder Woman - Script

Episode 8: Superman II - Script


Episode 9: Super Mario Bros. - Script

Episode 10: Toy Story 2 - Script



The series took some time to catch on. Episode 8: Superman II was the first video to go viral (for unknown reasons), only a few days after it was first posted. As the views climbed, the other videos did as well. Currently, most of them are above 500k views, with four of them surpassing a million. With the success of the series, JoBlo Videos subscriber rate leaped by 42% in one month, from the day Superman II was posted on April 15th, and a full 50% by the end of May 2019.